Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

School is out and my kids are ready for some adventure. This week my oldest son will be having his adventures at Cub Scout Day Camp in the Webelos group. He is really excited! At camp the boys will be learning to make fires, cooking their own food, cleaning up, and learning some knot tying. He is going to have a blast!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another year has gone by?!

So here it is November and I am finally updating my blog! What a great and busy year we had!

William played Granger Rocket Football this year. He started out so sure of himself and quickly learned some humility. I loved how his coaches taught and encouraged them. Now he is just disappointed the season is over, despite the fact that his team won the championship! Bring on football again!

This Fall Abigail tried out cheerleading and found not only that she liked it but she was really good at it! She cheered for her brothers team the Raiders. She did an awesome job, and we could always hear her in the stands!

Eli not to be outdone by his siblings played soccer this fall with his same coach from last fall. He had a great time and played really hard. He started Kindergarten this year and loves school. He is reading and working on his penmanship. He has a lot of enthusiasm for learning and loves to sit and read Emmaline a book.

Though Emmy is not yet old enough to be in organized sports that doesn't stop her from constantly stealing the soccer ball from Eli, running off with William's football, or Abbeys poms. Abigail was busy for a while and taught her all her cheers so she will be ready when she hits Kindergarten.

As for my wonderful husband he is busy, busy, busy! Work, School, Family, Work, more Work, School, Family. Poor guy!

And for me, I am back in school. My program concludes in the spring of 2012. I am enjoying it, although am currently feeling swamped with a 12 page report due Tuesday. Not that I haven't worked on it, I have been for weeks. It's just that currently the Works Sited page, especially with reguards to online citing, is currently my enemy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow it has been a while!

This Fall was beautiful and cool! Here is a picture we took in the gorgeous leaves!

Now winter is finally upon us and the kids are sure ready! They can't wait for the snow to pile up and to make forts and snowmen and drink gallons of hot chocolate! The joys of childhood!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Abigail will turn 6 on Sunday and is a tooth loosing fiend! She has recovered very well from her surgery earlier this month removing her tonsils and adnoids. Mom was VERY worried for a few days due to it being so quiet. For two whole days Abbey didn't talk AT ALL, she also lost 5 pounds because she wouldn't eat. Now things are back to noisy normal, and Abbey is always hungry. Yeah! Abigail is doing very well in school and has earned the Gold Medal for reading 100 books! She will be presented with her award at the Kindergarten graduation in May, and she is very proud of herself. Abbey is an excellent reader, writer ( she has the most beautiful printing), and artist. She is also the best sister Emmy could ever ask for.

Eli turned four in March and now is a "Big" kid. He still loves Transformers and Star Wars but now also loves to watch Star Wars too. He loves to ride his bike when Mom and Emmy wog, and play lightsabers and guns with all the neighbor kids in the backyard. He is energetic and curious and when the family is playing soccer together he loves to swoop in and steal the ball. He is a great dribbler and has good ball control. But it is impossible to get it back once he gets it because he runs away from where everyone else is so he can have the ball longer. He is a very creative kid!

William is fully into spring soccer season now. Saturday will be his 3rd game, and so far his team is undefeated. He really likes his team and has played with many of the kids before. At Saturdays game he played goalie for a while and was VERY glad he had practiced his goalie kicks in the back yard so much, as he had LOTS of practice kicking the ball out after some great saves. His favorite time to play though is in the back yard with his Dad. It is so fun to see them go head to head and try to out do each other with their "moves".

You can tell winter is really over when nothing can keep you inside! Emmy loves being outside. We go wogging (walking/running) almost everyday, and she thinks her stroller is awesome!

Also last week she figured out how to crawl. She is still perfecting her moves but is very effective at never being where I put her down. She also thinks it is the best fun in the world to pull the cord on the phone and have it smash to the ground! She thinks that is truly the best! Oh dear!